Theme 2012

An ode to life, the first edition of Nuit  Blanche Ottawa will present a spectacular array of visual, media and performance art from the National Capital region and around the world, paying homage to the incredible creative human spirit. In the darkest of times, artists have been able to shine light where there was none; capable of reimagining the world as a perfect place where peace, love and equality reigns for all. An exhibition like no other, incorporating performances, new media, street art, video installations, and interdisciplinary art, Nuit Blanche Ottawa will be apassionate manifestation of our collective hopes and dreams.

Life is Beautiful will bring together diverse artists who will interpret in their own unique way the beauty and dignity of human life. Can artists positively influence how we perceive the world, and each other? Can art propogate better understanding, change and progress?

For this first edition of Nuit Blanche Ottawa, we call upon artists to submit projects that encourage community development, interaction, collaboration, celebration and commemoration. Works can be political or personal, grandiose or intimate, educational or playful – all we require is that projects be positive, hopeful and life-affirming. As thousands upon thousands of visitors converge in Ottawa’s growing cultural districts for an all-nighter of art and exchange, let us take this opportunity to celebrate the transformative power of art and the creative human spirit that binds us all.