22 September 2012 – 6:22 pm – 4:23 am
Nuit Blanche Ottawa

Nuit Blanche—literally “white night”—is a sleepless night that translates to “an all-night arts and culture extravaganza”. It happens in cities world wide. To find out more about these events please start with our section on ‘Nuit Blanche Around the World‘

For Ottawa’s inaugural year (NBO12) we are working to the theme “La Vie est Belle/Life is Beautiful”. Artists and creatives were asked to respond to the theme and from their projects we have build Nuit Blanche 2012. see the full list of projects

This free public event will transform public and private spaces across 3 main zones – the Byward Zone, the Hintonburg Zone, and the Kids Zone. There are also 2 transient spaces, which are used to identify projects where artists prefer to move around the zones or beyond our borders. These spaces are called Roaming, and Outer Place. There will be everything from a yarn bombed bus to interactive projections, to pop-up galleries, a roaming Capoiera troupe and a neighborhood block party!

A free bilingual program – online and in print – describing each project and mapping the event will be available for visitors. A dedicated shuttle service between the Byward and Hintonburg Zones will also be available for most of the night.

This night will showcase the skill and creativity vital to the cohesion and dynamism of our community, the success of our industries, and the recognition of our city as an important partner and art destination.  Equally important, Nuit Blanche places Ottawa’s dynamic arts scene squarely on the city’s famous festival map!

On Saturday, September 22, 2012, thousands of people will attend Ottawa’s very first Nuit Blanche, to witness a city pulsing with color and creativity. Art and cultural venues will remain open late in to the night as art lovers of all ages, residents and tourists alike, walk through the warm fall night to experience innovative and provocative works by artists from Ottawa and beyond.