September 22 / One Night Only / 8PM to 2AM

Working Conditions invites participants to experience ways in which labour systems can increase sustainability, health, and wellness of workers through restorative practices.   The project uses Massage Therapy and a combination of Burlesque and GoGo Dancing to consider the conditions that apply to those working where sexual relations may be part of the requirements of the job.  Working Conditions invites participants to dance alongside hired dancers who are performing for those giving and receiving massages.  After dancing the participants are invited to receive a neck and shoulder massage alongside other dancers.  Working Conditions creates a cycle of labour wherein dancers are restored by the benefits of the massage and the Massage Therapists are able to touch participants in an environment that is safe and secure as well as fun and playful due to the entertainment from the dancers.  The project asks participants to reflect on the changing conditions for workers in Canada and to reflect specifically on what would help individuals working within the sex trade to live and work with safety and dignity.

JOHN CAFFERY’s artistic practice is multi-disciplinary. He is a founding member of ‘Kids On TV’, the Toronto based art collective, which since 2003, has melded live performance, film, video, dance-club music and experimental rock. The group has collaborated with artists such as Katie Stelmanis of Austra, Man Parrish and Boy George. John has been a dancer and a DJ for over 10 years and throws a monthly party called Mighty Real.  His photography was published in a book called 10×10:Portraits of Queers in the Arts in 2011.  In addition he works with Mammalian Diving Reflex to create art with young people and is a coordinator of queer and trans youth programming at Supporting Our Youth.
Supporting Our Youth (SOY) 
Mammalian Diving Reflex
‘Kids on TV‘

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